Are you up for a challenge?

Do you want to collaborate with AstraZeneca to bring your solutions to life?


We are creating a virtual ecosystem in which to engage with innovators around the globe on our journey to bring new medicines to patients. CoSolve is a virtual competition to find the most innovative solutions to real problems and enable those collaborative solutions in real time.


AstraZeneca is sharing real challenges facing drug discovery and development today and we want you to help solve them. We are looking for innovative solutions to challenges currently facing our R&D teams that can be developed in partnership with AstraZeneca in a data driven manner


How does CoSolve work? 

- Challenges posted in the CoSolve challenge room and will be open for submission for 8 weeks


- Based on internal review, finalists will be selected to participate in Challenge week; finalists will need to review the Heads of Terms and agree prior to the challenge week.


- The challenge week will consist of a pitch from the innovators and real-time engagement with AstraZeneca scientists to define a workplan.


- The outcome of the challenge week will be a defined work plan and a signed collaboration agreement to enable a fast transition to collaboration.





What to do now?

The first round of challenges opened on 21st September and closes 19th November. 



Please view our resources to learn more:



Heads of Terms




Let’s solve challenges together!