T Cell Therapies

Regulatory T cell therapy for treatment of immune-mediated diseases.

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Regulatory T cells (Tregs) play an indispensable role in maintaining immune homeostasis. Restoration of functional Tregs has the potential to be curative across a broad range of immune-mediated diseases.
Autologous Treg cell therapies are being tested in the clinic, but despite encouraging data these approaches have their limitations.
Treg-cell engineering holds the promise to enhance specificity, functional activity, stability and delivery of Treg cell therapy.
We are seeking innovative partners with novel solutions focused on developing the capability to:
   1) derive off-the-shelf Treg cell therapies with long-term engraftment potential
   2) maintain a stable and functional Treg in vivo
   3) induce targeted Treg activation, effective tissue delivery and homing of T cells